Our Story

"I had a vision of putting Dr. Lancer in a bottle and making him available to everyone."
- Ryan Seacrest

POLISHED by Dr. Lancer is a men’s grooming brand dedicated to helping men live better lives through quality skin care.
It's designed by men with high standards for men with high standards.

POLISHED began a few years ago, when after a decade-long friendship, which sprouted from our longtime patient/doctor relationship, we
decided to create a high–quality, science-driven skincare product line that was designed specifically to address the needs of men.

Taking better care of your skin, actually improves your overall wellness, and also helps you maintain your youthfulness – who doesn’t want that?!

We’re excited to offer our initial set of products that are both effective and accessible. We hope you’ll give POLISHED a try — it’s truly worth it.

It’s our desire to give men the unmistakable confidence that comes with looking and feeling great.


Ryan Seacrest, Co-Founder          Dr. Harold Lancer, Co-Founder

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